Our Services

Coaching with Sarah:

offer one-on-one coaching to individuals, and to co-parenting units of two, who want a healthy relationship with their children. I have worked with parents of children ages 10 to 40, with the majority having children ages 13 to 22. 

In sessions we work together to fully understand all angles of the current situation; to identify hopes and dreams, to explore resources and options, and create plans.

Parenting teens, in particular, through the transition to adulthood in our society offers no end of opinions, pressures and confusion.  The parents I work with want to gain clarity and knowledge, and work towards change.

Coaching with Quinn:

I offer one on one or couples coaching.  In these coaching sessions I help parents to recognize how they want to support their child’s growth.

The teen years are particularly challenging as your child tries to step out into the world on their own, it can be terrifying and inspiring to watch.  Letting them move beyond our protective gaze, to become independent adults, is difficult work. It requires we learn to balance, not only their needs and fears, but our own.


School and Community Presentations:

We love working with parents.  We are available to visit schools and other groups to share knowledge, experience, tips, suggestions and joy with communities. If your organization is interested in having us come to speak please email [email protected] or fill in the contact info below and one of us will get back to you to discuss further.

We want parents to know that they do not have to struggle.  There is no fee for these single group sessions.